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3 days to go

Being in charge of accommodation and navigating is no fun!  Last minute panic tonight caused me to check that I have booked the right hotels on the right nights.  It seems that I have done! Well fingers crossed.  If I have got it wrong life will become very interesting.

The lead up to this is quite interesting even mildly exciting.  I have no illusions about the effort that will be required.  If only we were all 20 years younger!

A pre-walk gathering on Saturday should get us all in the mood for an early start on Sunday.  No turning back from then on.

No more postings until we are on the way.


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11 days to go

A short walk up Pig Lane today just to limber up.  Commitments have prevented me from any  walking until today but I am now planning to walk at least one hour each day and longer if possible.

A great sunset greeted me tonight and it was an opportunity to learn how to post pictures – so here goes!


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