14 days to go

A delighful French holiday interrupted my training and I have managed only one serious walk since my last post.  I have however been able to keep up with the wine consumption in order not to fall behind on that front.

Great news – I read that coffee is good for quick recovery for top athletes.  You will understand why I shall start drinking coffee again!

So its not all bad news.

It seems we might be joined by an Aussie on some days.  Well he was an Englishman but left for the attractions of the southern hemisphere.  I just hope the hotels we are staying at stock Fosters.

The final day is rushing up on us all too quickly.  I am quite excited about it.  My sister’s doctor took a two month sabbatical and walked to Rome.  He lost 2 stone in the process.  What a great way to lose weight.

Waterproofed my walking shoes today.  Preparations proceeding well.

Drab Howard bet me £20 last evening that I would fail to set the right course at least once during the Walk.  At the time I made the bet I had had a glass or two of wine and Drab Howard was driving!  I think I now have the task of navigator as well as being in the front line if the accommodation is not up to scratch.  Oh well!


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