3 days to go

Being in charge of accommodation and navigating is no fun!  Last minute panic tonight caused me to check that I have booked the right hotels on the right nights.  It seems that I have done! Well fingers crossed.  If I have got it wrong life will become very interesting.

The lead up to this is quite interesting even mildly exciting.  I have no illusions about the effort that will be required.  If only we were all 20 years younger!

A pre-walk gathering on Saturday should get us all in the mood for an early start on Sunday.  No turning back from then on.

No more postings until we are on the way.


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11 days to go

A short walk up Pig Lane today just to limber up.  Commitments have prevented me from any  walking until today but I am now planning to walk at least one hour each day and longer if possible.

A great sunset greeted me tonight and it was an opportunity to learn how to post pictures – so here goes!


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14 days to go

A delighful French holiday interrupted my training and I have managed only one serious walk since my last post.  I have however been able to keep up with the wine consumption in order not to fall behind on that front.

Great news – I read that coffee is good for quick recovery for top athletes.  You will understand why I shall start drinking coffee again!

So its not all bad news.

It seems we might be joined by an Aussie on some days.  Well he was an Englishman but left for the attractions of the southern hemisphere.  I just hope the hotels we are staying at stock Fosters.

The final day is rushing up on us all too quickly.  I am quite excited about it.  My sister’s doctor took a two month sabbatical and walked to Rome.  He lost 2 stone in the process.  What a great way to lose weight.

Waterproofed my walking shoes today.  Preparations proceeding well.

Drab Howard bet me £20 last evening that I would fail to set the right course at least once during the Walk.  At the time I made the bet I had had a glass or two of wine and Drab Howard was driving!  I think I now have the task of navigator as well as being in the front line if the accommodation is not up to scratch.  Oh well!

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51 days to go

Yes, 51 days to go and we are in full training.

The rowing machines brought out, treadmills dusted down, and hiking boots polished!

Our blog has finally taken shape due entirely due my nephew Mckenzie. This is my first posting!

I hope that our wives will appreciate the efforts to keep them posted with our struggle to reach Bath.  This blog will enable them to share our every move and to keep an eye on every step.  These I shall faithfully report in appropriate detail with photographs where circumstances allow.

Privately I confess to having some concerns that Jeremy “you tell Lloyd I  can do whatever he can do” Beech, our guest member, will be able to stand the pace with the rest of us who have been in rigorous training in recent months.  Possibly he is a secret long distance walker and has been keeping quiet about it in order to show us all up!  Time and my blog will tell.

My training will be severely interrupted by my wife’s wholly unreasonable insistence on having a summer holiday in August just when my efforts should be directed to building up my stamina.  Friendly advice from DRAB Howard was to go along with the request and in order to keep up my public persona, built up at great personal expense over many years, I shall forego much needed walking.

We plan to walk about 12 miles a day.  This should be very manageable but it may be testing day after day ot two without a break.

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